Replica Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph 168571-3001 1:1 Best Edition V7 Factory Black Dial

$760.00 $507.00

  • Factory V7 Factory
  • Brand Chopard
  • Range Mille Miglia
  • Modle 168571-3001
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Customized 7750 Chronograph Movement
  • Case Size 44mm*14mm


V7 factory replica classic racing series 168571-3001 men’s watch the ultimate masterpiece, super high value, top workmanship.
1. The V7 factory is the only one in the industry to purchase a limited edition watch from the Chopin Classic Racing Series. The details of this watch are quite difficult. It took more than a year for V7 to modify dozens of times to achieve a perfect clone effect. The watch shown is simple After dismantling, all aspects are perfectly consistent, showing the original temperament.
2. This classic racing chronograph watch has rich details on the dial and back cover. As shown in the figure, the V7 dial has restored the original color and texture to the extreme, and the printing on the dial is also difficult to distinguish between male and female. It is worth mentioning that this huge super transparent sapphire mirror equipped with this watch has the highest level of transparency in the industry. It is perfectly synchronized with the original. And the calendar magnifying glass is dug out in the sapphire (not like the Rolex). Post a magnifying glass), this technology is extremely costly, the only one in the industry, and the effect is really commendable!
3. The V7 factory has a rigorous attitude and both internal and external repairs. Although the movement of this watch is invisible from the outside (because of the dense bottom design), it does not blindly follow the practices of most factories and directly uses the finished blank 7750 movement. Customized the synchronized original optimized version of the 7750 precision grinding movement, which is infinitely close to the original in terms of performance and appearance, and the internal accessories can be perfectly replaced with the original. The shape and size of the head and core are all professionally customized and original.
4. The V7 factory has followed the consistent exquisite case-making process. The diameter, thickness, lines, and curvature of the case are 100% in line with the original. The grid pattern filling of the bottom cover is also cloned using the same original process materials, and the lettering is clear and powerful. , Very messy!
5. The V7 factory does not miss every detail. The fish scale pattern and lettering inside the bottom cover, including the screw position of the bottom cover, the depth of the lettering, the outer ring and the sapphire accessories, are all perfect and can be replaced with the original.
6. The exclusive use of the v7 factory in the industry. It adopts the synchronized original outer trim with holes and ultra-thin calfskin inner lining natural pure imported rubber strap, and the inner side of the tape is decorated with the Dunlop tire pattern of 1960s style. The visual and tactile feel is incomparable to the original. The newly opened folding buckle is also a perfect clone of the original structure, material and polishing! V7 factory strap and buckle craftsmanship materials are all top in the industry, and their cost can reach several times the general industry standard.
7. The pointer details are well grasped, and the length, angle, width, pinhole and color are kept consistent with the original, and the polishing is also very fine!
8. The color, texture and texture of the V7 factory disk surface, and the calendar fonts are perfectly restored to the original temperament. The extremely difficult inner shadow scale is also very precise and precise matching.
9. V7 factory luminous synchronous original, using top-grade Swiss imported luminous materials, showing super luminous display, and V7 luminous filling is even, its effect even exceeds the original!
10. The Chopin Classic Racing Watch still maintains the classic style of this series. It is sturdy, clear, elegant and practical. It is a sports watch designed for racing fans. It is still handsome with formal wear. The diameter of the watch is 44mm. With a thickness of 14mm, it is extremely comfortable to wear. This V7 super artifact, pure original texture, is worth having!

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